Amalfi Coast

The Ancient Romans, when they needed to relax, blow off steam, and generally give in to unadulterated sensual pleasures, traveled to the Amalfi Coast. Today, modern Italians do the same. Windswept Amalfi is the quintessential must-see region of Italy: the “classic” Italian images—sunbleached villages, winding streets carved into cliffsides—are really Amalfi images, particularly of glamorous Capri.

Amalfi is also home to Pompeii, the Las Vegas of Ancient Rome, once brimming with extravagance and wealth, and now a time capsule thanks to its famous 1st century tragedy, when the volcano Vesuvius blanketted it in ash. Today, the dominant colour of Amalfi is blue—blue expanses of sea and sky—and while the “green” of our beloved golf courses is not necessarily the region’s strongest selling point, Amalfi is certainly worth extending your vacation for.

Below is a map from Il Mondo Golf Magazine showing Amalfi Coast’s finest courses: