Milano hosts EXPO 2015 and PGA Italian Golf Open

February 24th, 2015 | Milano | by Tabita Miotto

Milano hosts EXPO 2015 and PGA Italian Golf Open
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The meeting of minds

Culture, life, energy, food and golf

It was in Milano, e non Firenze, where Leonardo Da Vinci first sketched his famous flying machines—including drafts of a helicopter450 years before it was invented!

Today, the city continues to celebrate great idea and great thinkers. Home to EXPO 2015, Milano will host a whole new generation of Da Vincis, all asking the pressing question: How to feed the planet without disrupting its fragile ecological balance?
Culture, life, energy, food—all this and more will be explored at EXPO, from May to October, in Italy’s brainiest city.
We'll get you to the heart of the debate with our exclusive EXPO creative trip, which includes a Cirque du Soleil performance and 18-holes at Milano Golf Club, home of the 2015 Italian Open.
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