March 29th, 2016 | by Sabrina Santi



Lisa and Leo

In 1482, when Leonardo Da Vinci was 30 years old, he was sent by the Medicis as a human peace offering to the Duke of Milan. So impressed was the Duke with Da Vinci’s genius that he gifted him a beautiful Milanese vineyard, over a hectare in size.
Fast-forward to 1503, when the artist met and painted the young Florentine noblewoman Lisa Gherardini, producing the Mona Lisa—arguably the world’s most famous portrait.
Lisa was in her mid-twenties, Da Vinci in his early fifties. What did artist and sitter talk about? Perhaps the fact that both were vineyard owners. After all, Lisa’s family had owned the famed Chianti estate, Villa Vignamaggio, for centuries.
These days, Lisa’s vineyards are open to public viewing. And now, thanks to EXPO 2015, Leonardo’s vineyards have been restored and opened as well.
The vineyards of history’s greatest artist and his subject, on one historic trip.
Let Italy & Golf take you there.


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